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Watch on-demand event film, search 35,000+ student-athletes, and discover new recruits who fit your program's needs.

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Connect with 35,000+ student-athletes on the IWLCA’s official recruiting platform.

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Why join IMLCARecruits?

35,000+ Student-Athletes

Tap into a growing network of student-athletes ready to be recruited across the country. Filter down to find recruits that fit your team’s specific needs, or explore on-demand events to discover new talent.

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24/7 Virtual Sideline

Access thousands of hours of game film from some of the best recruiting events, and start scouting from anywhere. Know exactly who you're evaluating with side-by-side rosters and robust information on each student-athlete.

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A Connected Recruiting Experience

From the sideline at recruiting events, to your desk at the office, and everywhere in between, IMLCARecruits provides a connected recruiting experience your coaching staff.

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The official digital recruiting network of the Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA).

We’ve teamed up with SportsRecruits to build a better recruiting process for athletes and families, club and HS staff, and college coaches through a more connected, technology-driven experience.

35,000+ Student-Athletes

Expand your recruiting reach and connect with prospective recruits any time, any where, with IMLCARecruits' discovery tools. Search, filter, and explore more than 35,000 athlete profiles. See who’s interested in your program, or find athletes that fit your program's needs.

Robust athlete information

IMLCARecruits profiles include all of the athletic stats and video, academic information, and contact details you need to start evaluating a prospective student-athlete. The most accurate athlete information is always at your fingertips.

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Built for discovery

Find student-athletes with the athletic, academic, and geographic criteria that matter to you. Search only student-athletes with video, or those who’ve expressed interest in your program. Discover new talent by exploring the Recruits Feed, or watching the latest event video on-demand.

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In-sync athlete data

IMLCARecruits profiles fuel EventBeacon, the app used to power many top recruiting events across the country. This connection puts student-athletes in control of their data, ensuring you're seeing the most accurate information, from the office to the sideline.

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Find your next recruit.

Expand your recruiting reach and start connecting with 35K+ student-athletes today.

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24/7 Virtual Sideline

Whether you missed the last game at this weekend's showcase, or you need a quick second look at your top recruits, on-demand event film and athlete video make recruiting possible 24/7.

Watch events on-demand

Access hundreds of games on-demand from recruiting events across the country. Saw something you liked? Search the film library for related games by student-athlete, team, or event name.

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Smarter video

Video is great. Video with side-by-side team rosters, athlete profiles, and evaluation tools is even better. Access thousands of hours of event film and student-athlete video with rosters and profiles side-by-side.

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Video for all

Video is a critical piece of the recruiting process. We’re committed to giving all IMLCARecruits student-athletes and college coaches the tools they need to make the most of it.

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On-demand film from top recruiting events.

Don't stress about catching every game. With on-demand event film you can replay the action anytime, anywhere.

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A Connected Recruiting Experience

The best recruiting tools allow coaches to focus on recruiting. That's why we've made it easy for you to discover, organize, and share recruits across your program. Keep your workflow completely connected by syncing with EventBeacon and your CRM.

Organize your recruits

Favorite student-athletes that are a fit and skip those who aren’t a match. Sync your list with the EventBeacon app, so you’ll know exactly who to look for at an event. When you spot a new recruit from the sideline, we’ll sync your favorites back.

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Reliable data everywhere

Keeping your coaching staff on the same page can be a challenge. We're working to connect your program's recruiting data throughout your workflow so that you can be confident everyone has access to the most up-to-date info, whenever they need it.

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Integrate your workflow

Export your list of favorited and evaluated athletes from IMLCARecruits and import the data into your program's CRM of choice, such as ARMS and JumpForward, and more.

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Get your coaching staff onboard and get your recruiting efforts in sync.

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All Features

Access to 35,000+ student-athlete profiles

On-demand event film with side-by-side rosters through EB On Demand

Student-athlete discovery tools with athletic, academic, geographic, and interest filters

Favorite and skip functionality with cross-staff syncing

Automatic connection and sync with the EventBeacon mobile app

CSV Export to sync athletes with your CRM such as ARMS and JumpForward

Export favorited and evaluated athletes for import into your CRM

Ready to start recruiting?

Powered By SportsRecruits

We've partnered with SportsRecruits to power the underlying technology and customer support of IMLCARecruits. Since 2008, SportsRecruits has been the go-to software of thousands of athletes, club staff and college coaches to help drive their recruiting efforts. This collaboration delivers a feature-rich, reliable, and secure experience for all users.

The IMLCA had been looking for ways to streamline the recruiting process for student-athletes and our membership base of college coaches and IMCLARecruits is the answer. IMLCARecruits provides a prospective student-athlete all the tools he needs to find the right fit while making it easy for our membership base of college coaches to access the information and video they need to evaluate a prospective student-athlete.
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Board of Directors
Intercollegiate Men's Lacrosse Coaches Association (IMLCA)
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Our mission statement since we launched in 2008 has been to empower student-athletes to pursue their dreams. IMLCARecruits puts families in complete control of their college search and recruiting process. These days, everything is on demand and IMCLARecruits will allow a college coach to get to the information and video they need on a prospective student-athlete in a few clicks.
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Matt Wheeler
Co-CEO + Co-Founder, SportsRecruits

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Search over 35,000 men's lacrosse student-athlete profiles, watch event film on-demand, and find your next recruit.

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Who is IMLCARecruits built for?

Our platform is built for everyone in the men's lacrosse recruiting process - student-athletes and families, club and high school coaches and staff, and college coaches. Each side of the process has its own challenges, and we're working to build technology that helps solves them all.

Why did you launch IMLCARecruits?

From ensuring college coaches have reliable athlete data, to giving athletes a platform to maximize their exposure, we believe technology has tremendous potential to transform the recruiting process. By putting the right tools into everyone's hands we hope to create a more accessible and successful process for all.

Is IMLCARecruits free to use?

IMLCARecruits is free for college coaches to access. All you need to get started is your athletic department issued email address. There are no limits to the number of coaching staff that can access your program's account.

Why join IMLCARecruits?

IMLCARecruits is the official digital recruiting platform of the Intercollegiate Men's Lacrosse Coaches Association (IMLCA). Recruit from 35,000+ student-athletes, access thousands of hours of event film on-demand, and seamlessly sync with Eventbeacon.

What does "powered by SportsRecruits" mean?

We're partnering with SportsRecruits to provide the technology and technical support infrastructure of IMLCARecruits. This collaboration ensures a feature-rich, reliable and secure experience for all of our users.

How does event film access work?

Once film is available from a partner event, it will be instantly accessible for all college coaches to watch for free, on-demand, on IMLCARecruits.