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Take Control of Video

With unlimited video uploads and in-platform Highlight Reel Editor, start making the most of your video. Upgrade to Pro to unlock film from all IMLCA events, plus one professionally built highlight reel per year.

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Maximize Your Exposure

IMLCARecruits is home base for over 750 IMLCA men's lacrosse coaches. With a student-athlete profile and video on IMLCARecruits, recruiting can happen anytime, any place.

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Find Your Best Fit

IMLCARecruits was built to streamline your recruiting efforts, maximize your exposure, give you insight into where you stand, and help you find your best fit academically and athletically.

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The official digital recruiting network of the Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA).

We’ve teamed up with SportsRecruits to build a better recruiting process for athletes and families, club and HS staff, and college coaches through a more connected, technology-driven experience.

Take Control of Video

Video is an integral part of the recruiting process. It lets college coaches scout from anywhere, allowing them to watch events they missed in person, re-evaluate recruits on-demand, and discover new talent 24/7. IMLCARecruits gives you the tools you need to showcase your skills.

Highlight reels

Easily produce and publish unlimited reels with the in-platform Highlight Reel Builder. With a Pro account, get one professionally built highlight reel including a title card, isolation effects, and optional soundtrack, using any video you provide.

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Unlimited video uploads

Colleges coaches want to see you in a variety of situations. With unlimited video storage, plus the option to embed from YouTube, Hudl, and Vimeo, you'll have all the space you need to show off your skills videos, highlight reels, or full game footage.

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Smarter event film

IMLCARecruits profiles power coaches books at some of the best recruiting events in the country. That connection persists long after you leave the field, tying your profile to the game film for college coaches post-event. Plus, get in-platform access to all IMLCA events you attend.

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Make the most of video.

WIth IMLCARecruits Pro, access all IMLCA event film in-platform and receive one professionally built highlight reel each year.

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Maximize Your Exposure

Recruiting can happen any time, any place on IMLCARecruits. With a complete and accurate profile, you'll be ready for college coaches to discover you as they search the athlete database, watch event film on-demand, or see you make a great play at a recruiting event.

Everything colleges need to know

From athletic stats and video, to academic and contact information, our profiles were built to college coach specifications. Your IMLCARecruits profile contains everything a college coach needs to start evaluating you in one, up-to-date location.

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Get discovered

IMLCARecruits profiles fuel the tools college coaches use to discover new talent. From the discover feed, to the coaches books at events, to the on-demand film library, make sure you're ready to been seen with a complete profile and video.

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Information in-sync

IWLCARecruits data powers coaches books at recruiting events across the country, including IMLCA events. This connection puts you in control of the information coaches have on the event sideline and ensures they're seeing exactly what they need to know.

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Be Seen. Get Recruited.

Start building your profile on the IMLCA’s official recruiting platform.

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Find Your Best Fit

Don’t worry about tracking down college coach contact info, keeping tabs on who’s got your latest transcript, or what the link to your latest highlight reel is. IMLCARecruits is built to minimize the smaller tasks so you can focus on the bigger picture.

School research tools

The recruiting process is more than just finding your next team. You need an academic and social fit, as much as an athletic one. Narrow down colleges and universities based on the criteria that are important to you and stay organized with a target list.

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Every college, a click away

From DI to DIII, PAC-12 to NESCAC, every college coach has access to IMLCARecruits. With Pro, reach out to any coach in the country in a couple of clicks - no more digging up contact info, no added attachments to upload or keep track of.

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Transparency into the process

Receive real-time email and text notifications, or keep an eye on your live feed, to see any time a college views your profile, video, transcript and more. With a Pro account, you'll unlock exactly which colleges were scouting you.

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More transparent, more efficient.

The recruiting process is stressful enough. Make the most of your efforts with IMLCARecruits.

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All Features


Student-athlete profile to host all recruiting information

Video library with unlimited uploads and embeds

Highlight reel builder with unlimited publishing

Real-time activity feed with anonymous view tracking and notifications

Advanced school search

Favorite schools and target list


Access to film from all IMLCA events

See who's viewing your profile, video, and more

In-platform messaging system

One professional highlight reel each year

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Powered By SportsRecruits

We've partnered with SportsRecruits to power the underlying technology and customer support of IMLCARecruits. Since 2008, SportsRecruits has been the go-to software of thousands of athletes, club staff and college coaches to help drive their recruiting efforts. This collaboration delivers a feature-rich, reliable, and secure experience for all users.

The IMLCA had been looking for ways to streamline the recruiting process for student-athletes and our membership base of college coaches and IMCLARecruits is the answer. IMLCARecruits provides a prospective student-athlete all the tools he needs to find the right fit while making it easy for our membership base of college coaches to access the information and video they need to evaluate a prospective student-athlete.
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Board of Directors
Intercollegiate Men's Lacrosse Coaches Association (IMLCA)
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Our mission statement since we launched in 2008 has been to empower student-athletes to pursue their dreams. IMLCARecruits puts families in complete control of their college search and recruiting process. These days, everything is on demand and IMCLARecruits will allow a college coach to get to the information and video they need on a prospective student-athlete in a few clicks.
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Matt Wheeler
Co-CEO + Co-Founder, SportsRecruits

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Who is IMLCARecruits built for?

Our platform is built for everyone in the men's lacrosse recruiting process - student-athletes and families, club and high school coaches and staff, and college coaches. Each side of the process has its own challenges, and we're working to build technology that helps solves them all.

Why did you launch IMLCARecruits?

From ensuring college coaches have reliable athlete data to giving athletes a platform to maximize their exposure, we believe technology has tremendous potential to transform the recruiting process. By putting the right tools into everyone's hands we hope to create a more accessible and successful process for all.

Is IMLCARecruits free to use?

All student-athletes will be able to create a free IMLCARecruits account, with access to a profile, video tools, and school research tools. Upgrading to a Pro account will unlock Pro features including access to College View Tracking, Messaging, and a professional highlight reel. Club and HS organizations can trial full staff and athlete functionality. For college coaches, access to the platform is completely free.

Why join IMLCARecruits?

IMLCARecruits is the official digital recruiting platform of the Intercollegiate Men's Lacrosse Coaches Association (IMLCA). Get started free to build your recruiting profile, upload video, and maximize your recruiting efforts and exposure.

What does "powered by SportsRecruits" mean?

We're partnering with SportsRecruits to provide the technology and technical support infrastructure of IMLCARecruits. This collaboration ensures a feature-rich, reliable and secure experience for all of our users.

How does event film access work?

Any film recorded at an IMLCA event beginning in the fall of 2021 will be free for member college coaches to access through IMLCARecruits. Athletes with a paid Pro account, either individually or through their club or high school, will have in-platform access to film to create highlight reels and publish to their profiles.